Black Screen Issue in Fedora 29 with Nvidia GPU

Posted on 01 Nov 2018 in Linux • 3 min read • updated on 24 Dec 2018

Today, I spent about 4 hours only to figure out why my Fedora 29 shows a black screen after the login screen. I've already used Fedora since 3 months. After using Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint, and Manjaro, I decided to try Fedora due to the SE Linux security feature. At …

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Understanding udev and Basic USB Devices in Linux

Posted on 03 Oct 2018 in Linux • 4 min read

In this article, I would like to share my experience using udev in a Linux OS.

udev is a device manager for the Linux kernel. udev manages device nodes in the /dev directory and handles all user space events raised while hardware devices are added into the system or removed …

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Understanding the Process Crash and Backtracing in Linux

Posted on 26 Nov 2017 in Linux, C++ • 6 min read • updated on 05 Dec 2017

We know that all software developers write a buggy software, and so do I. Writing a buggy software is inevitable since the software becomes more and more complex. The chance that we have to debug our (or other developers) software is getting higher until an artificial-intelligent-based debugger is used in …

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Building an Encrypted Website or Blog

Posted on 17 Nov 2017 in Full-Stack Web Development • 6 min read

In my last article, I wrote about how we can build a professional personal site without monthly fees. This time I would like to share how we can build our own secure website or blog. secure means here that our website uses the secure protocol (HTTPS) instead of HTTP. In …

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